Not just hot!

Schmergmeister Boutique Chilli Sauces are hot! Some are devastatingly hot!

But they’re not just about the heat, they are bursting with wonderful flavours such as ginger, garlic, lemon & lime juice, black pepper and various fresh herbs and spices to complement the chilli.

They are lovingly created in Romsey Town, Cambridge, where great pride is taken in their making. Each sauce has around 15 different ingredients to produce its unique flavour. No extracts, artificial colourings or preservatives are used.

All ingredients are sourced locally where possible, although some of the chillis are imported – some are grown in Romsey Town!

Each sauce is colour-coded, as they are available in a range of chilli heats, for the novice and for those who need to feel the pain!

How it all began…

It all started in 2011 when, having been addicted to chilli sauce for 20 years, we found that the majority of sauces available were extract and vinegar combinations. Sure, some had other ingredients to make them tasty, but none of them quite hit the spot!

Our Romsey garden then became a chilli and herb growing experiment and with local traders supplying other ingredients, the sauce making began. Batches of up to 20 jars of a particular sauce would be made and handed out to curious friends and also consumed in large quantities at home.

It wasn’t long before people started demanding more sauce so the process was increased considerably. Then people started coming up with the silly idea that a business should be started up. In the summer of 2013, Schmergmeister Boutique Chilli Sauces came into existence.